About us


"Freschi Italia Srl"

An Italy based company created 20 years before, with the main goal to manufacture packaging machines.

The Company Freschi Italia was born in the heart of the geographical area of production of the Printing machines, in Piacenza - Italy. It is a dynamic company that within a 20 year time frame has passed from drawing and planning to becoming a specialized organic group in the construction of packaging machineries.

We are focusing on drawing, manufacture, sale and installation of new machines as well as second hand ones that concerns the processing of paper and film. We are producers printing narrow web presses max. 800 mm, and of Tubing machines (machines for shrink wrap labels "sleeve").
For clients that implanting a new industrial settlement or require a displacement of the machines, we are able to furnish sizing drawings and provide the necessary inherent plant design regarding: compressed air, diathermic oil/vapor/gas, cooling water, air evacuation etc.necessary for a proper functioning of the facilities.
In the last years Freschi Italia has had a strong expansion consolidating itself on the both markets on the national one as well as on the international market , thanks to it main objective - satisfaction of the client.


Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Slovakia Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Ucraine, United Kingdom.


Canada, Usa, Mexico


Egypt, Marocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates