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Cutting machine

Specifically designed for cutting shrink materials but also suitable for cutting many other materials: printed and not-printed, paper, laminated paper, adhesive paper, I.M.L. labels etc.

     Minimum cutting web width: 20 mm

     Maximum cutting web width: 600 mm

     Web width available (mm): 350-450-550-650

Two versions available:


Maximum speed: 120 m./min. or 500 cuts/min

The machine is based on a rotary electric drive axis cutting system, provided with two rotary cylinders (a knife-holder cylinder and a counter knife cylinder) and a servo driven system.

This system allows to cut the material in register without having to care for changing tools on varying the format.


Maximum speed: 100 m./min. or 400 cuts/min.

It is the simplified version of the previous version.

Unlike the previous version, it is not based on a shaft less system; instead the cutting length is connected to the sizes in inches of the original diameter of the cutting gear

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