Frequent answer question

1. Where can I find the spare parts?

All the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components belong to international manufacturers so they can be found all over the world.

For mechanical parts we use SKF/FAG, for all the electrical components SIEMENS and for pneumatic parts PNEUMAX.

You wiil find a detailed list, in the Use&Maintenance Manual.

2. Do your machines comply with the EC directive on machinery?

Yes, the y do. All our machines have the EC marking and for each of them we issue its respective Declaration of Conformity.

3. Which warranty and return policy do you have?


• 12 months for all the parts manufactured by us

• 24 months for electrical components

• That of our supplier for the parts and components not manufatured by us.

Return policy

The Manufacturer’s obligations are limited to defective parts or manufacturing defects, without any possible charges of transportation and labor costs.

In case of tampering with any electrical or mechanical part, the warranty is automatically deleted.

In the event of a defective part, the customer must send at his expenses the part to the Manufacturer, which once received it, it will verify the defect and if it meets the warranty conditions, it will substitute it and send the new piece at the Customer’s expenses.

4. To run with your machines are necessary any consumption materials/parts?

Cutting Machines do not need any kind of consumption materials/parts to be operational.

On the contrary, to run with the Seaming Machines, it is necessary to have the following materials/parts:

• solvent

• UV powder

• polyester and polyolefin tapes

• springs

• dispensing tips

• tear-tape*

• perforation blades*

          *necessary only if on the machine are installed the respective units

A detailed list of them complete with a list of recommended suppliers will be provided to all customers along with the Use&Maintenance Manual.

5. There are any parts subject to a greater wear?

Yes, there are. Especially some mechanical parts (ex. belts, bearings etc.) are subject to greater wear.

As for “Consumption materials” (see question 3), we will provide a list of this parts.

• calibri / cambio lavoro

• assistenza post-vendita

• cos’è Pressa-Piega

• Min./Max. LF