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Cutting machines

for shrink labels converting

The converting process of shrink labels ends with the cutting of the seamed material into pieces.

In order to meet the needs of those companies that have to delivery labels already cut into size to their customers, we designed our “Cutting Machine”.

Technology and versatility are the key-words that describe this machine.

Technology: our machine is based on a rotary brushless type cutting system, equipped with two rotary cylinders – a knife-holder cylinder and an anvil cylinder – and a servo driven system. Thanks to this technology, contrary to traditional systems, it is possible to cut without caring about the format variation.

Versatility: by using some accessories and/or optional units, our machine can be adapted for other kind of manufacturings. For example, by changing the type of knives, it can cut other kind of material such as paper, laminated paper, metalized paper etc. and by replacing the cutting cylinder with a magnetic cylinder it becomes a small die-cutting machine.

Min. cutting width: 20 mm
Max. cutting width: 300; 400; 500; 600 mm
Max. speed.: 600 pz./min.

Optional units that can be installed:

  • automatic unwinder
  • magnetic cylinder
  • secondary rewinder for reel-to-reel manufacturings
  • unit for IML label

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