Freschi Italia S.r.l.


Our company was founded in 1996 as a mechanical design studio. Today, after more than twenty years of growth, we are a small manufacturing company specialized in the packaging machinery able to take care of the whole production process: design, construction, assembly, installation, commissioning up to the after-sales assistance.
After a beginning as mechanical design studio only, the first requests of machinery started to arrive and our activity of manufacturers in the field of rotogravure printing machines began officially.

A hard challenge that, over a ten years period, has brought us to work on different rotogravure projects, up to 8 and 10 colors machines.

Ten years later, though going on also with printing machines, we decided, to focus on one of the new sectors of packaging: the field of shrink labels, the so-called “sleeves”.

Alongside rotogravure presses, we started design and manufacture two machines for the shrink labels converting : our Seaming machine or “Tubolatrice” and our “Cutting Machine”.

To date, we are able to offer five different versions of our “Tubolatrice”, all based on our patented system for forming and seaming shrink labels and a very high performing and adaptable version of “Cutting Machine”.

Along with the manufacturing core business, we also deal with repairs, general overhauls, overhauls for not compliant EC standards machines, as well as retrofitting projects of existing machines and the sale of second hand machines that we fully overhaul and guarantee.

As manufacturers who love challenges, we also make our experience and skills available to develop and manufacture ad-hoc machinery.

Some examples…

Our “Fold&Paste Machine “, an interesting solution for folding and gluing medicines leaflets designed and manufactured for a customer in the pharmaceutical packaging field.

Our – totally Made in Italy – machines for the production of surgical and FFP2 masks, result of the market requests of the last two years.